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Cairo Diagnostics_Branding9.jpg

Client: Cairo Diagnostics
Agency: Designframe Corp
Direction: Mahmoud Arafa
Design: Bashar Shash, Heba Mahmoud

The way the logo is designed communicates what Cairo Diagnostics is all about. It’s designed to be distinctive and interactive. The straightforward design of the emblem features the CD initials enclosed within a flawless circular pattern that represents completion and harmony – which perfectly describes the uncomplicated and agile process of Cairo Diagnostics. The vibrant gradient colors are eye-catching and was inspired of the figure of a DNA. The typography has been selected to be sleek, soft, and simple to make the icon stand out and exude a clean and modern feel.


Using abstract shapes by rendering tissue cells and cytogenetics molecules in the negative space to give the impression of the tech-savvy lab, consistently delivered in every point.

Cairo Diagnostics_Branding1
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding3
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding4
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding5
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding6
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding7
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding8
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding9
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding10
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding11
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding12
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding13
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding14
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding15
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding16
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding17
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding18
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding19
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding20
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding21
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding22
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding23
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding24
Cairo Diagnostics_Branding25
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