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002_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile.jpg

Client: Bait Al Batterjee
Agency: Designframe Corp
Direction: Mahmoud Arafa
Design: Bashar Shash, Riham Ali

A professional attention-grabbing flipside corporate profile introduces Batterjee Group achievements and operations to stakeholders.


The profile opens on both sides in order to explore two separate but inter-related parts, Educational industry "Mind Hearted" and Healthcare industry "Heart Minded" This type of folding is basically a creative and smart way to get audience engagement easily.

001_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
002_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
003_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
004_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
005_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
006_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
007_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
008_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
009_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
010_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
011_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
012_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
013_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
014_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
015_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
016_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
017_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
018_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
019_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
020_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
021_AlBatarjee_Corporate Profile
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